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How the Babyplant search function works


Each time you search for a species or seed variety for a vegetable, herb or medicinal plant, we provide a list of results with useful information. The process we follow to determine the results and content to show begins long before you even begin typing and is guided by our commitment to offering the very best information.

Our search function is an open and collaborative space that makes it possible to share all the knowledge acquired by professionals in the agriculture sector from years of experience. It is free to access for anyone interested in contributing in a positive and professional way to generate value and knowledge about the thousands crop, herb and medicinal varieties available in our official regional and national catalogues of plant varieties.


How we organise ourselves and present search results

The information presented is a collection of the knowledge and experience of Babyplant’s staff and its external partners. Before sharing and publishing information, we always check that it is both correct and accurate. We do not allow any form of promotional content or content that may damage anyone’s personal or commercial reputation.

We organise information for each variety in the following sections


Search results in less than a second

In just a fraction of a second, the Babyplant Search algorithms will review the thousands of vegetable and herb species in our database to find the most relevant and useful results that correspond to your search.





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