Maximum yield from germination

Alcachofissimas, the brand name of Babyplant’s seedlings from artichoke seeds.

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Artichoke plants from seeds

Until now, seed reproduction hasn’t been a common procedure for a commercial crop.

Until recently, artichokes from crops produced from seeds were of inferior quality. However, as a result of genetic improvements introduced alongside the development and knowledge of new cultivation techniques, it’s now possible to successfully produce high-quality artichokes from seeds.


Advantages of artichokes from seeds

Reduced failures

Significant reduction in crop failures


High genetic stability


Uniformity and strength of plants in development

Plant health

The transmission of pests and diseases is prevented (Verticillium dahliae, Rhizoctonia solani, etc.)


Greater flexibility during planting and production.


The new hybrids are well-adapted to industry.


High production for fresh produce.

It’s now possible to earn money before the beginning of the harvest.

What makes Alcachofissimas special?

An improvement of 3-7% through germination treatment and seed utilisation.

Bio-stimulant treatment before transplantation. Increase of 5-12% in fruit production per artichoke plant.

Uniformity of plants through classification and triage.

Advice on the application of Gibberellic Acid.

Certified organic production.

3 different growing tray formats

Sharing of valuable technical and commercial information relating to artichoke production and marketing

Artichoke seed varieties

Tray formats

We help to you choose?


Mode of transport
Express parcels


Mode of transport


Mode of transport


Mode of transport
Express parcels and trolleys


Mode of transport


New seed germination process for artichoke cultivation

BABY PLANT, S.L. has obtained funding through the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) in order carry out the project entitled « R&D NEW SEED GERMINATION PROCESS FOR ARTICHOKE CULTIVATION », co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF, through the Pluri-regional Operational Program for Smart Growth.

This research and development project, beginning in February 2017 and finished in July 2018, with a budget of €230,781, has been carried out at our production plant in Santomera, Murcia, Spain.

The main objective of the project was to investigate different artichoke varieties and their cultivation from seeds, in order to develop the ideal treatment to ensure minimum germination of 90%, obtaining seedlings with a stronger and more robust root where the percentage of failures after transplantation does not exceed 5%.

Organic artichokes too

How can we help you?

Babyplant Aromatic Herbs is not just committed to the sale of seedlings. As a specialist with experience in the production of aromatic herbs, we provide farmers and customers who need it with information tools and advice on new varieties, cultivation systems, production schedules, etc.

This service aims to simply strengthen our relationship with farmers and agricultural companies. It can also be an important way of providing industry professionals with new information obtained through research carried out in specialised experience centres worldwide.

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