Proud of health workers and the other people that are fighting in the front line

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We have to start this article by expressing our pride in the performance of the health workers that are fighting in the front line against coronavirus and taking a big risk for all of us. Anonymous heroes that don’t wear capes, but masks.

Citizen response

We also have to highlight the citizen’s behaviour and response to the health alert because of the Covid-19: staying at home and trying not to transmit the virus so our health system, of which we are really proud, doesn’t collapse.

Using the hashtags #EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos #QuédateEnCasa #StayAtHome, citizens are sharing their experiences and thanking the professionals for their work, that make quarantine easier.

Proud to be farmer

Every day, farmers get up early in the morning to work for long hours to keep feeding us. And now more than ever, we need the raw materials from the fields in order to stock supermarkets and shops where we can find the essential products, really needed these days.

Why farmers have could kept up with the demand without any problem of volume, quality and price?

Unlike the rest of industries, agriculture and suppliers are not delocalized, which allows the instant supply of the necessary elements to produce. In addition, they can increase production in a short time without any problems.

As David del Pino says in his blog:

In a conversation with a businessman, I said: “Awesome. The sector is amazing. It is able to work miracles. From farmers, packers, drivers…”.

And he told me: “I hope that society and consumers start to value the effort and the humble commitment of these persons”.

In addition, they lend their equipment (as tractors, fumigation tanks…) to the authorities so they can disinfect in the necessary places.

Work and sacrifice is in farmer’s DNA. He works sometimes for nothing, knowing when he starts but ignoring when he will finish.

Fragment extracted from David del Pino’s blog

Babyplant towards the crisis of the COVID-19

Thanks to Babyplant’s workers for their commitment and sacrifice in these hard times, as well as the good work of our suppliers, we can continue with our complete activity and fulfil the commitments we have made to our customers in time and form.

If we can’t guarantee the best service, we will stop our activity and we will inform you as fast as possible.

Official measures taken by the Health Ministry to avoid transmitting the virus

Your region’s official telephone number

If you have symptoms, call the number of your region (autonomous community) or contact by phone your health centre.

 See the official number of your autonomous community


Now that you’ve done the most important, study and implement the recommendations for the self-isolation and inform your family or flatmates that they must be in quarantine.

See recommendations for self-isolation.


Make sure everyone at home knows how wash their hands properly.

See the steps for a correct handwashing.

You may want to see this App

After working against the clock, a group of professionals led by Jordi Serrano Pons, have selflessly collected rigorous information and, with the support of hospitals, medical associations and research centres, have designed this App that include all the recommendations about coronavirus for health works and citizens made by recognized experts in the area of healthcare