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We bring you the new improved Southern Vegetable Plants formula for growing leek plant seedlings, developed to meet the needs of European farmers.

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The most intelligent allium plant we’ve created so far

1. Active roots
2. Smart logistics
3. Tray Formats
4. More than 30 years’ experience
5. Yield

Ultimately, seedlings to help make your day-to-day easier

Active roots

Active roots

Each leek plant seedling produced at Babyplant and marketed under the Southern Vegetable Plants brand contains more than one million CFUs of biological inoculants based on infective propagules from the fungus Trichoderma harzianum, Gliocladium catenulatum strain J1446 and Glomus iranicum var tenuihypharum mycorrhiza. It also contains brown seaweed extracts.

For more than ten years at Babyplant, we have worked intensively with customers/farmers and suppliers to evolve and improve the quality of our leek plant seedlings in a practical and useful way.

What benefits do active roots provide to my leek crop?

Robust growth

The stem grows throughout and with an increased diameter

Stronger plants

The roots are longer and more branched

Greater development

Increased absorption of minerals from the soil

Notable resistance

The stress of transplantation is drastically reduced

They protect the plants

They create a physical and biological barrier against fungi and phytopathogens

Results are supported by rigorous official studies

If you’re a farmer and wish to receive more specific information about the benefits and/or comparative studies by recognised and prestigious independent official bodies in various European countries, please contact Babyplant using our contact form.

What are biofortifiers?

Biofortifiers are “special products based on microorganisms” which help stimulate and induce crop resistance without having a direct effect on pathogens. This way, plants are able to survive and attacks from numerous pests and diseases are prevented.

In many circumstances, they’re the only available option for minimising the impact of pathogens and the reduced production they cause.

They tend to act using hyperparasitism and competition. They produce lytic enzymes and colonise the plant’s roots, competing with pathogenic fungi for space and nutrients. This enables a reduction in the use of phytosanitary products, thus reducing the risk of resistance.

What are algae extracts?

Algae extracts don’t match the definition of fertilisers since they don’t contain significant amounts of macro- or micro-elements.

The surprising thing about algae, and this may partly be due to its hostile environment, is the number of complex polysaccharides it contains which are not present in land plants. The aforementioned brown algae contain laminarin, fucoidan and alginate polysaccharides, whose extracts can induce the production of natural auxins and cytokinins in the plants they’re applied to.

In fact, the benefit of applying algae extracts comes from the combined effect of all components, since the effect cannot be achieved with any single active ingredient alone. Some of its effects are similar to the way exogenously applied plant hormones work on crops. This fact can be linked to the content of substances with a hormonal effect and not to the hormone content of the algae themselves, which is relatively low.

Smart logistics

Small yet very
smart details.

You decide
when and where

All Babyplant leek plant seedlings marketed under the Southern Vegetable Plants brand are grown in south-eastern Spain. The geographical location, coupled with our interconnected smart logistics linked with different logistics providers, allows us to optimise and reduce our delivery times to the farmer.

With the external support of efficient logistics companies, 95% of deliveries of leek plants are made within 72 hours. With the most advanced preservation techniques, our many years of experience and our continuous improvement efforts, we’ve managed to reduce, to insignificant levels, the stress caused to the plants by the change of the photoperiod in transportation.

Currently, at Babyplant, we have smart devices which greatly facilitate our internal and external logistics. These include, for example, the use of functions with step-by-step guidance to ensure a reduction of errors and the implementation of quality regulations. All this is possible through the use of smart logistics.

Flexibility on delivery dates

Sometimes, adverse weather conditions can make transplantation inadvisable. To address this type of situation, the customer-oriented culture of Southern Vegetable Plants gives customers/farmers the option of postponing the delivery date of their plants. The company’s structure together with their geographical proximity allows them to respond quickly and makes it possible to successfully delay the supply of leek plants.

4 different

According to your needs

From 1 to 5 plants per seedling


Best Quality
Recommended for early transplants


Excellent quality
Good value for money


Excellent price
Recommended for late transplants


Best price
Ideal for reducing costs

More than 30 years

Since 1987

900 million leek plants produced counts for a lot.


Active roots + smart logistics + experience + climate

Perfect weather and ideal growing conditions, with approximately 2,800 hours of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 18 °C.

The favourable weather conditions, our facilities that have been specifically designed for growing leek plant seedlings and all the techniques learned from more than 30 years of experience with this crop all ensure that our leek plants are produced in optimum stress-free conditions.

All of the above factors mean that we can guarantee and demonstrate a 7 to 15% increase in production in tonnes per hectare and a lower percentage of bolted plants in early transplants. This difference is even more notable when growing in extremely adverse weather conditions.

Organic leek plants too

Would you like assistance from an allium growing specialist?

We provide farmers and customers who need it with information tools and advice on new varieties, cultivation systems, production schedules, etc.

This service aims to simply strengthen our relationship with farmers and agricultural companies. It can also be an important way of providing industry professionals with new information obtained through research carried out in specialised experience centres worldwide.

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