From professional to professional

​​Babyplant’s essential idea has never changed

To be the most advanced nursery for horticultural plants in every sense.

This means always having the best facilities, technology, knowledge and, above all, the best people who are focused and committed to finding solutions that truly add value to professionals in the sector.

Being one step ahead is our reason for being.

Welcome to a host of different feelings that you will only understand once you get in touch with Babyplant.

Speaking a little and listening a lot to better understand your world with the aim of helping you have control over what is yours. Working discreetly yet effectively is the preferred way forward for the people who make up Babyplant.

And furthermore

Exclusive, free services for Babyplant B2B + customers

We filter horticultural varieties so as to leave nothing to chance

30+ plant breeders
50+ species
300+ varieties per species

Just one, the best for you

For this reason, the varieties that we suggest at Babyplant B2B+ are carefully considered to perfectly match the wishes and requirements of farmers, the vegetable trade, the processing industry and consumers. These are the starting point for all of Babyplant research and selection activities.

We select varieties that provide a better yield, are more stable in variable weather conditions and are more resistant to pests and disease. Through research trials, we evaluate each variety’s properties to determine how it reacts to certain situations and know whether it is the right choice.

To ensure the right selection of horticultural varieties, we work closely with all parts of the sector: seed suppliers, research centres, farmers, distributors, etc.

Advice and technical support

Do you need a second opinion?

Our advice and technical support service can be very useful for farmers who need a second opinion or who do not benefit from an agricultural technician specialised in horticultural crops.

Our knowledge and experience from more than 30 years in the horticulture industry give us the authority to provide you with our own valuable opinion or that of external specialists.

Our team of professionals are available to offer personalised advice and technical support. If you are a Babyplant customer, you can enjoy this exclusive service whenever you need it: before, during and after harvesting your vegetables or aromatic plants.

phyto protection

So that what starts well, ends well

On the customer’s request, we apply registered and authorised plant protection products (chemical and natural) both at the time of sowing and a few days before transplanting the plant to the field.

These treatments reinforce and protect the plant during the first weeks of growth (flies, aphids, fusarium, mildew, botrytis, etc.). The treatments are chosen according to each farmer’s needs, the growing conditions, and the threat of pests and diseases in the field. The solutions are customised for each crop.

Pest and disease identification

This is very important to us.
Fast and easy

One particular area of interest at Babyplant is in researching and learning more about pests and diseases in horticultural and aromatic plants. Our technical department will help you to identify pests and diseases in your crops in a fast, effective and very simple way.

If you are unable to exactly identify a pest or need some kind of clarifications about it, do not hesitate to contact us. It is a subject of great interest to us and Babyplant will respond immediately.

Wide range of horticultural and aromatic plants throughout the year

Availability of plant
The security of leaving nothing to chance.

In agriculture, there will almost always be emergencies caused by unforeseen events. Babyplant has an extraordinary ability to respond urgently to any setbacks at any time.

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