Seedlings for horticultural plants, grafts and aromatic plants

Discover the range of plants produced by Babyplant

Leek and onion plants

Babyplant onion and leek plants take longer to flower, are more uniform and have better roots for a greater yield.

Leafy vegetables

Leafy horticultural plant seedlings, specially prepared to delay bolting in adverse conditions.

Brassica plants

Quality is essential for our brassica plant seedlings. The power of simplicity.

Artichoke plants

Welcome to the future. Good things don’t happen by chance. Maximum yield, with an improvement of 3-7% through germination treatment and use of the best seeds.

Grafted plants

A revolutionary system that provides greater yield and plant utilisation after grafting. No matter how you look at it: a grafted Babyplant plant is simply spectacular.

Aromatic plants

A new planting process which is more precise and reliable than ever before. Much more than an aromatic plant seedling; this is a world of possibilities for all your needs.

Brands specialised by type of agriculture

From professional to professional

Exclusive to Babyplant for companies and conventional professional farmers. One step ahead.

Reliability and services

Horticultural and aromatic plants for organic farmers. Extremely reliable.