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New production system for grafted horticultural plants using the most advanced technology in the industry. Overcomes post-transplant stress even faster. The most intelligent and powerful grafting union. And a revolutionary system that provides better yield and better-quality plants after grafting.

No matter how you look at it: a Babyplant grafted plant is simply spectacular.

More efficiency. Better yield
More security. More kaizen

Kaizen and Babyplant. One step ahead.

At Babyplant, we were looking for a different production system which would guarantee great security and reliability for all our grafted plants. This is when we learnt about the Japanese production methodology known as Kaizen. This working philosophy has been wholly implemented throughout the nursery for several years, making us pioneers at a European level in applying it to each process in the production of grafted horticultural plants.

For Babyplant, the word Kaizen means a commitment to continuous improvement. This philosophy is made up of several steps that allow us to analyse, measure and improve critical variables in the graft production process, such as the quality and plant health of the plants we supply to our customers, and look to improve every day with the help of multidisciplinary teams, facilities and techniques.

Kaizen aims to take plant quality, plant health and the reduction of production costs to the limit through simple daily modifications and changes which build up over time.

What really matters to you.
When more is less.

The key to everything,
our employees

Committed to knowledge and continuous improvement

By doing Kaizen, workers continuously improve to reach the highest standards within the business and meet the company’s objectives and the customer’s expectations. This is why it is important to analyse new standards created by improvements or changes and always consider the safety, quality and productivity of grafted plants.

Germination increase

Babyplant Kaizen method

Traditional Babyplant Method


Successful graft union

Babyplant Kaizen method

Traditional Babyplant Method


Improves graft union strength

Babyplant Kaizen method

Traditional Babyplant Method


Meet delivery dates

Babyplant Kaizen method

Traditional Babyplant Method


Hassle-free logistics.
Deliveries without complications.

You remove the trays from the packaging or the cart and they’re intact. You plant them and they quickly begin to grow.

We prepare your order in less than 24 hours. We’ll deliver to wherever you tell us, anywhere on the peninsula. This is how we do logistics at Babyplant: a combination of simplicity and technology to make deliveries that almost seem like magic.

As if by magic.

Support and advice on varieties, graft holders and anything related to the world of grafted plants

We’re here to offer you the best service

As well as offering in-person consultations in our offices, there are other more immediate support options available to you. Let our experts answer your questions by phone, webchat or e-mail. Babyplant support can help with all manner of things, such as choosing the best scion and stock for the graft and even when and how to grow it.

Talk to a Babyplant expert now. We’re available to answer any questions or address any problems with your Babyplant products by phone, webchat or e-mail.

Tray formats

We help to you choose?

Species Tomato · Pepper · Aubergine · Watermelon · Melon


Mode of transport
Express parcels


Mode of transport


Mode of transport


Mode of transport
Express parcels and trolleys




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Tomato 45 45 40 40 35 30 30 30 35 40 40 45
Tomato blunt 50 60 55 55 50 45 45 45 5 55 55 50
Aurbergine 60 60 60 55 50 45 45 45 45 50 55 60
Melon 40 40 35 30 30 25 25 25 30 30 35 40
Watermelon 50 50 45 45 40 35 35 35 40 40 45 50
Pepper 55 55 50 45 40 40 35 35 40 45 50 55


Organic grafted plants too


How can we help you?

Babyplant Aromatic Herbs is not just committed to the sale of seedlings. As a specialist with experience in the production of aromatic herbs, we provide farmers and customers who need it with information tools and advice on new varieties, cultivation systems, production schedules, etc.

This service aims to simply strengthen our relationship with farmers and agricultural companies. It can also be an important way of providing industry professionals with new information obtained through research carried out in specialised experience centres worldwide.

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