Respect for the

At Babyplant, we use resources responsibly in all areas of the business.

Improving the environmental conditions of our planet and, in particular, of our surroundings is both a need and a priority for us.

We apply the same ethic of innovation to the environment as we do to our products. We’re constantly working on new projects to reduce our energy and fuel usage and our carbon footprint. We choose the most sustainable equipment and raw materials to make our production processes and products safer for the environment.

We breathe in CO2, we breathe out OXYGEN.

We absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere than we emit. Last year, in particular, 13,125 tonnes of carbon dioxide were converted into oxygen by our plants and trees.

But we’re still not satisfied. We have the ongoing commitment to reduce our CO2 emissions year after year.

Energy-saving screens.

A total of 48,500 m2 of energy-saving screens prevent thermal energy inside the greenhouse from escaping, maintaining the ideal temperature and reducing fuel consumption by more than 40%. This, in turn, prevents 39 metric tonnes of carbon ending up in the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the total carbon emitted by all of our employees’ vehicles on the way home from work for a whole year.

We’re committed to organic farming.

40% of our activity in 2020.

When producing organic plant seedlings, we make sensible use of natural resources, causing minimal environmental impact and not creating problems for future generations.

In organic production, we don’t use any chemical substances and thus avoid contamination of the air, soil and water. By using more respectful techniques, we also generate an increase in the ecosystem’s biological activity.


We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our production process by using material resources responsibly and efficiently. We aim to ensure that our production materials have the longest useful life possible.

We use resources as efficiently as possible. But we don’t stop there. Wherever possible, we reuse materials until we finally recycle them.

By reusing materials, we generate less waste and reduce our environmental impact. Recycling the materials we use helps to combat global warming and reduce pollution.

99% of the waste we generate that is not reused is recycled.

Reduced consumption of supplies and increased use of rainwater.

We have reduced our consumption of natural resources and phytosanitary products. Sustainable consumption is a fundamental part of respecting the environment.

Our micro-sectioned irrigation and fertiliser systems guarantee a responsible and efficient consumption, thereby reducing the amount of water and fertilisers we use in irrigation.

+6,000 stopcocks distributed around the growing area to avoid wasting even one m3 of water.

Additionally, we make use of rainwater to irrigate our plants.

We collect all the rainwater from the roofs and coverings of our 180,000 m2 of facilities and greenhouses and store it in a huge tank with the capacity to hold of 9 million litres.

LED project
Every kW we don’t use counts

Can you imagine 21.5 football pitches illuminated with led lamps? This is exactly what we’ve done at Babyplant. Renewing all of our conventional lighting systems with high-efficiency ones helped us to reduce our electricity consumption in 2016 by 70,440 kWh, 31% of our total energy consumption.

We’re almost satisfied with achievements.

In recent years, we’ve made a significant contribution towards improving our planet by markedly reducing consumption, using resources responsibly, recycling and reusing materials.