About Babyplant

Seedling nursery for horticultural, grafted and aromatic plants

At Babyplant, we strive every day to provide a complete service to our customers.

We specialise in producing high-quality seedlings for horticultural, aromatic and grafted plants for greenhouse and outdoor crops.

At our modern facilities, we produce both conventional and organic plants.

Since the company was founded in 1987, our main objective has been to create unique relationships with our customers, sharing ideas, knowledge and experience.  Babyplant was one of the first nurseries in Murcia and Spain dedicated to producing horticultural plant seedlings.

In 2008, Babyplant was the first nursery in Spain and the second in Europe to gain GlobalG.A.P. (Plant Propagation Material Standard) and G.R.A.S.P. quality certificates.

With annual production of more than 400,000,000 organic and conventional plants, Babyplant is a stand-out plant nursery in south-eastern Spain. Babyplant and its brand names have been present in the main areas of vegetable crop production in Spain and Europe for over 30 years. 

Facilities with the most advanced technology.

At Babyplant, innovation, research and technology have always been fundamental for producing superior-quality horticultural plants. Our greenhouses are equipped with the most advanced technology to produce any kind of horticultural plant for any crop conditions. This way, we can guarantee that our plants always get to our customers in perfect condition.

Our facilities for producing horticultural and aromatic plants are spread out over an area of 18 hectares divided into different sections. Each section has its own climate, irrigation and fertigation control system. For a successful vegetable crop, it’s vital that the work at the nursery during the first days of the plant’s life is as perfect as possible and carried out in optimum conditions. Good cultivation in the seedbed greatly helps the work of the farmer in the field and improves the harvest. To achieve this, it’s essential to work with a nursery that can guarantee the right conditions, like Babyplant.

Our team

At Babyplant, we put great importance on the health and well-being of our employees. We care about creating a healthy work environment and promoting teamwork and respect.

We’re a team of committed professionals who work every day to offer custom solutions to our customers, something which makes us stand out from other plant nurseries.

At Babyplant, the work of each of our team members adds value to the horticultural plants we produce. To offer a top-quality product and service, it’s vital to work as a team.

Throughout our more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve grown and learnt, evolving and adapting to change in order to be “one step ahead” in the horticultural plant seedling sector.

We work hard, innovate and find solutions. We’re always willing to give our all, creating a pleasant work environment that promotes teamwork and creativity. That’s how we work at Babyplant.

Would you like to work at Babyplant?

Send your CV to rrhh@babyplant.es

Employee welfare

There’s a right way to produce plants, and it starts by respecting the rights of the people who produce them

We defend and apply equal opportunities in our hiring processes. We’re committed to the inclusion of diversity and candidates with physical or cognitive disabilities. At Babyplant, we contribute towards the socio-economic development of society by respecting our workers’ health, safety and dignity. We offer equal opportunities to all of our employees and promote their personal development.

We aim to facilitate a good work-life balance for all our employees. We offer equal opportunities to all our employees, as well as fair treatment based on their capabilities and performance. We believe that training our employees is important. As a result, we promote our employees’ personal development and support them whenever they need to consolidate their knowledge to perform in their role. Babyplant workers are responsible for complying with the good practices established by the company and all occupational health and safety regulations.

Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices