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Principles of leadership in Babyplant

We have our management principles present every day, when we are in the process of discussing ideas for new challenges or deciding on the best solution to solve a problem. It’s just one of the things that makes Babyplant special.

Devotion to the client

Leaders think first of the client and act according to this principle. They put all their effort into earning their trust and maintaining it. Although they pay attention to the competition, they are really passionate about the customers.

Responsibility and commitment

Leaders have the ability to make the right decisions. They have a vision of the future and do not sacrifice personal and collective values ​​and objectives in the long term for immediate results. They act on behalf of the entire company, not limited to their own team. Leaders never say “that’s not my job.”

Creativity and simplification

Leaders expect and demand proposals and ideas for improvement from their teams and always find ways to simplify. They are kept informed of what is going on around them, they look for new ideas everywhere and they are not limited by “it is as we have always done”.

They are right, almost always

Leaders are almost always right. They have good judgment and intuition. They are open to hear different opinions and question their own.

They are eager to learn and discover

Leaders never stop learning and always try to improve. They show curiosity to know and explore new possibilities.

They insist on the highest standards

Leaders always maintain the highest standards set in Babyplant, although they may seem exaggerated or impossible. They raise the level continuously and lead their teams to obtain high quality products, services and processes. Leaders ensure that the defects do not spread and that the problems are resolved definitively.

Thinking big

Thinking small translates into small results. Leaders think differently and anticipate the needs of customers to find new ways to help you make your day to day easier.

Taking the initiative

In the day to day of agriculture, speed matters. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need a thorough analysis. We value the ability to make calculated and agile decisions in favor of the service provided to the client.

Gaining people’s trust

Leaders listen carefully, speak frankly and treat others with respect. They are openly self-critical, even if this puts them in a difficult or uncomfortable situation. Leaders are aware that neither they nor their team smell like roses. Leaders compare themselves and their team with the best.

Having control of all details

Leaders operate at all levels, are informed of all the details, frequently audit and are skeptical when the metrics and facts differ.

Open to debate

Leaders are required to question decisions respectfully when they disagree, even if it is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders show determination and tenacity. They do not give in to the pressure of the group just to achieve harmony in their team. When a decision is made, they fully support it.

Achieving results

Leaders focus on the key elements for their business and get quality results on time. Despite the difficulties, they live up to the circumstances and never conform.

Work with us

In Babyplant we believe in your potential and offer you many options for personal development in a great company. Being present all around Spain and other many countries of Europe through our suppliers, you have many ways of working with us.

We defend and apply equal opportunities in our hiring processes. We’re committed to the inclusion of diversity and candidates with physical or cognitive disabilities. At Babyplant, we contribute towards the socio-economic development of society by respecting our workers’ health, safety and dignity. We offer equal opportunities to all of our employees and promote their personal development.

Come and see all the possibilities awaiting for you in our company!

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Supplier Responsibility

The Babyplant Provider Code of Conduct

In Babyplant we adopt measures to create fair conditions from the very beginning, this is, our suppliers. We give importance to a production model that respects both the people and the environment.

Babyplant’s suppliers have to comply with our Code of Conduct applying norms to increase work safety, equality among workers and responsibility in environmental issues.

The following document specifies the standards that our supplies must meet without exception, no matter local laws, internal policies, cultural conventions or world business practices.