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Babyplant Aromatic is very large and places a thousand and one possibilities in the palm of your hand. The planting process is safer and more reliable than ever and provides plenty of scope to make each and every one of your ideas a reality. Don’t think for a minute that these are just Babyplant Aromatic Herbs: it’s much more than just an aromatic plant seedling.

Any species, any time of year

It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold, extremely hot or raining, this is what the weather is like and we’ve taken it into account.

These are extremely reliable plants, produced in excellent facilities.














And furthermore…

We work and continuously improve to keep our place as the main nursery for aromatic plant seedlings in Europe

From one seedling to however many you want

The perfect planting machine from the most creative mind

Being able to sow precisely and evenly can be difficult when the seeds can be so tiny that their diameter doesn’t exceed that of a pin.

For the last few years, Juan Antonio Antón, with his more than 35 years’ experience in the nursery, has worked very hard at Babyplant to develop his own technology. The result is the most efficient and stable sowing machine heads in the industry, capable of sowing to the highest quality standards even at the highest workload.

Tray formats

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Mode of transport


Mode of transport


Mode of transport
Express parcels and trolleys


Mode of transport


Mode of transport
Express parcels and trolleys

More security for people and for the planet


And furthermore, all completely free of waste

Maximum results
with minimum effort

With legislation on MRLs and ever tougher restrictions on phytosanitary products on minor crops, coupled with very short production cycles from transplantation to harvesting, as is the case with aromatic herbs, at Babyplant Aromatic Herbs, we took a decision. We chose to reduce the use of phytosanitary products to a level of zero waste, to the point of growing plants with the organic procedures even though they were destined for conventional cultivation.

Organic Aromatic Herbs too

How can we help you?

Babyplant Aromatic Herbs is not just committed to the sale of seedlings. As a specialist with experience in the production of aromatic herbs, we provide farmers and customers who need it with information tools and advice on new varieties, cultivation systems, production schedules, etc.

This service aims to simply strengthen our relationship with farmers and agricultural companies. It can also be an important way of providing industry professionals with new information obtained through research carried out in specialised experience centres worldwide.

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